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              THE ECOSYSTEM

A property tool for any biome creation designed & developed by Luca G. Rossetti and his team at/for MARZ VFX

Tool and any of its development, IP and related elements are property of MARZ VFX Toronto, based on my own idea. This page is intended only for marketing and promotion purpose of MARZ VFX TORONTO

The aim of this tool that I call “scenery generator” is thought to create in a simple click different biome’s pre-set, from various environments such as forests, glaciers, tundra, deserts and so on, with the capability of customize the first asset generated, shift shaping that in a more articulated biomes based on artist request.

The tool is designed for high end use in Houdini and generates high-resolution meshes and high-quality textures prepacked for it.

The main versatility of the tool itself is to create biomes that are able to shift models keeping the same shaders/textures through a procedural approach, in few words, it’s a powerful procedural “scene creator”.

The Ecosystem will be integrated into the “Houdini shell” and will be easily recalled though a simple click.

The integration of thumbnails will help even the less expertise’s to adopt this user-friendly tool.

A fast drag & drop system for any biome creation


is the complete solution for crafting and rendering natural environments. It includes all the capabilities of Houdini and Redshift Render, plus essential tools and time-saving features developed for the needs of professional artists. It’s a in house tool and can be customized for any purposes.

It includes everything you need for creating beautiful CG environments. From simple terrains to large-scale Ecosystems; everything is right there for you to use out of the box.


Setup and render your project in ECO through Redshift with a simple click and go.



Also, it offers an artist-friendly interface with tools designed.


Is a unique way to save time in a pipeline workflow where quite often we experience a back and forth between upstream and downstream processes, where the environment department serve in the middle, this is a way to scatter/randomize biomes creation cutting time.

Let’s make a quick example: The Ecosystem is based around an adaptive procedural placement system for assets on terrains, which utilises a terrain that is fed into it. Any changes in the terrain that the artist makes - elevation, erosion, pathways, hills etc - will be adapted into an appropriate placement setup for the assets. But that terrain is also endless and if the focus point is needed to be moved to explore what the biome offers it is possible to do so quickly. This way the client can see what the biome has to offer, but also, we can quickly make adjustments to the biome as per client’s requests.


A virtual vacation to some of the environment's most iconic and beloved locations made for the ecosystem, this will not just help clients to understand the capacity of the environments department possibilities at MARZ but will be a relaxing way to project a beautiful screensaver with spectacular music and stunning imageries.

This feature will be available in future when the tool is ready.

Ecosystem Explained

coming soon


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